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Australian Brake Controls Pty Ltd (ABC) is a market leading specialist brake company providing personalised service to the Commercial, Mining and Industrial markets.

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Specialist brake company Australian Brake Controls devotes heavyweight expertise to industrial, transport and mine systems

One of Australia’s most experienced, specialist heavy brake companies, Australian Brake Controls (ABC), is expanding its expertise into the design and supply of industrial braking systems used extensively by major Australian industries.

The company, founded in 1987, has established its Industrial Brake Systems Division, headed by Mr Gerry Lewis, to provide engineered braking solutions based on decades of experience in Australian industrial braking systems, incorporating the technologies of global companies such as Coremo caliper brakes and W. C. Branham Inc solutions in motion control. 

ABC is now national distributor for Coremo and W.C. Branham, with their technology and expertise being incorporated into engineered braking solutions produced and engineered by an ABC team headed Mr Lewis.

“ABC’s strength in industrial braking systems is that we provide complete engineered braking solutions as the central area of our business - rather than being just a component supplier involved in many ranges of different products, of which industrial brakes are just one.” said Mr Lewis, who has specialised in industrial brake and clutch products for more than 25 years. Now he heads a specialist ABC Industrial Brakes team focusing on industries such as:

Agricultural, automotive and construction machinery; industrial automation, food and beverage production, hydraulics and pneumatics, energy (inc wind turbines), mechanical and plant engineering, Government, manufacturing, materials handling (including conveyors) mining and resources (including dragline, coal conveyor and crushing mill production and maintenance), metal forming, mineral processing , oil and offshore machinery, overhead cranes and lifting machinery, packaging machinery, paper machinery, process engineering, quarries, tension control (including wire, fabrics and plastics) road and rail transport

“Building on the foundation of specialized off-highway vehicle customer satisfaction achieved by ABC, the new Industrial Brake Systems Division brings a new dimension of expertise to our specialist area,” said Mr Lewis.

Mr Lewis’ experience encompasses mining and resources as well as industrial and transport applications across broad industry sectors. Gerry has been involved in the training of engineering staff and working with such staff in understanding engineering issues relating to particular sites and producing solutions tailored to unique needs.

For more information, please contact Mr Gerry Lewis, Engineering Manager, Industrial Brake Systems, Australian Brake Controls Pty Ltd, 103 Long St, Smithfield NSW 2164, ph 61-2- 9604 4400, fax 61-2-9725 3181,