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Australian Brake Controls Pty Ltd (ABC) is a market leading specialist brake company providing personalised service to the Commercial, Mining and Industrial markets.

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Australian Brake Controls Pty Ltd (ABC) has an extensive experience in providing specialist solutions for all braking applications in the mining sector. ABC Mining Brakes find applications in mining and resources industries including draglines, grinding machines, excavators, stackers/reclaimers, conveyors, wheel loaders, etc.

For mining industry, the need for brakes is unique. Mining brakes must hold under the worst environments that won't shut down the operation. ABC is a leading distributor for COREMO, WC Branham and AUSCO Mining Brake Systems. Mining Brakes from these world leading manufacturers provide strengths such as reliability, easy to use, long life and competitive price, coupled with expanded availability through ABC. There is a variety of brake types supplied by ABC - Caliper Disc Brakes, Multiple Disc Brakes, Thruster Brakes, Manual Calipers and Air/Hydraulic Actuators.

Caliper Disc Brakes: ABC carries Hydraulic or Pneumatic apply Calipers (for service work) and Spring apply Hydraulic/Pneumatic release operation Calipers (for emergency). Park/emergency style brakes are mostly used on mining vehicles such as wheel loaders. Caliper disc brakes are available in wide range, with applications ranging from test bench applications to draglines. We have a large range of sizes and brands to suit your requirements.

Multiple Disc Brakes: These are totally enclosed units applied by built-in springs and "held off" by hydraulic pressure. Available in SAE A, B, C or D mounts, with torque ranging from 1,000 to 24,000

Thruster Brakes: are either electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic and are negative types, i.e. the braking action happens when the brake is not electrically actuated. Applications include lifting, translating service, and as emergency or safety brake.

Manual Calipers: We supply manual calipers that are often used for emergency stopping or holding brakes or in situations where hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is unavailable.

Air/Hydraulic Actuators: The range of Air/Hydraulic Actuators come with a market leading 72 cc (4.4 in3) displacement, with air chambers from type 9 through to type 36. At 100 psi input this gives an output pressure range from 510 psi through to 2030 psi. Our master cylinders are wholly manufactured in Australia to ABC's exacting standards and materials.